In my Avalon Photography days, one of the more memorable projects I was given by Montage's (now Refinery's) David Pye was an homage to David Hockney and his famous "joiners". His way of shooting in small sections and assembling prints to make a whole picture was applied to roof tiles and cladding from Eternit UK Ltd, now known as Marley Eternit.

It's nice to get your teeth into a good commercial job. Having been commissioned to photograph one of Wilson Fink's shiny new kitchens by Mark Slater fellow member of Bowdon Business Club, I wanted to give him a new spin, less predictable that the usual kitchen shot.

I have known Graeme Armitage for a long time, ever since I had Avalon Photography, the advertising studio in Manchester, and he was a client. He always brought me creative work and welcomed my input, which is the sort of client I particularly like.

Liberated Ladies is a coffee table book project which was in the making for nine years. Real women of all ages, shapes and sizes bared all in front of my camera...

I've photographed many an engaged couple in my time, and a few in Bramhall Park, but this assignment was a little unusual. Christopher D'Alessandro e-mailed me from Maine USA to ask if I could photograph him proposing to his girlfriend, Chelsea Morrison.

A Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Tony's own words.

"Ian is as kind and considerate a photographer as he is creative and professional.

Wedding Tales

Portmeirion Surprises

After a nice, but uneventful engagement shoot at Laura and Andrew’s lovely modern Colwyn Bay home.

Starbucks and Lowry's pub on the way to the reception

Wedding Tales

Michele and Michael

A Talking Point for Reception

Bott and Co, Wilmslow Solicitors needed something a bit different to fill a wall in their reception. They came to me for ideas.

Students from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance pose among the Victorian machinery at Kew Bridge Steam Museum and adjoining Ladies Forge

Barard Calendar Girls The story behind the shoot

I had the idea that I would like to shoot a Bramhall Calendar Girls charity calendar to raise funds for a worthy cause and to showcase my talents as a professional photographer.

In this digital age, with the ubiquitous use of Photoshop, most people take a look at an image which appears to show something unusual and assume it exhibits some sort of trickery.

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