Bott & Co

Spiderman is actually a solicitor

Bott and Co, Wilmslow Solicitors needed something a bit different to fill a wall in their reception. They came to me for ideas. They wanted to depict all of the company partners and staff in a creative way. A way which would be a point of interest for visitors waiting in their reception.

I interviewed everybody individually, after they had completed questionnaires which asked them about their feelings about themselves and their interests in life. Between us, we came up with each person's unique approach to creating their own representative image. It might include them in the photo, but it might not. It could be completely enigmatic, and only the person and me might know who it represented.

I often needed to travel to their homes, or we went to an appropriate location to create the shot.

The forty partners and staff plus twenty images depicting something about the company were displayed in three large silver frames and hung in Bott and Co's reception.

Just why was that man driving his car dressed in a Spiderman outfit? What are all those milk bottles doing in front of the door? Whose are all of those fridge magnets, and what on earth is that thicket supposed to mean?

Each picture tells a story. One or two of the company images still remain a mystery to me.

This project for a photographer such as me was a joy to produce and typified my approach to photography. We could have had nice portrait images of the staff, beautifully lit, looking suitably friendly and approachable. I do that for many of my corporate portrait clients. But this project needed something creative and intriguing.

So, if you visit Bott and Co's reception, ask about the thicket, and if you get an answer, please let me know!

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