Lawson 1131

We wondered which way Wychwood wedding's weather would work out. Washout waited. Weathermen were wrong (just)

Lynsay and Mike's outdoor ceremony was set for 2 o'clock. The Met Office's forecast was for a heavy shower at 2 o'clock.

Nobody seemed to know that but me, so everyone was quite laid back and the ceremony went on. Ceremony over in bright sunlight, was there time for a high viewpoint shot of the whole wedding party? With dark clouds looming and string quartet heading for cover we just made it before the deluge came. I think the Wychwood Park hotel staff managed to save the white cloth-covered chairs from a soaking and everyone was safely inside as the heavens opened.

The reception was at the Golf Club about 150 yards away. We're British. We take these things in our stride. A clutch of umbrellas and a fleet of cars were deployed to ferry everyone.

Happily, the sun came out again and, from my point of view, I was pleased to be able to do some more outside photography. However good a photographer is with artificial light, it's hard to better daylight.

The wedding had a Cadbury's purple theme with sweeties in abundance.

Bride and Groom had their honeymoon in LA after a charming and charmed wedding.

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