SprostonW Fink 079Rth

It's nice to get your teeth into a good commercial job. Having been commissioned to photograph one of Wilson Fink's shiny new kitchens by Mark Slater fellow member of Bowdon Business Club, I wanted to give him a new spin, less predictable that the usual kitchen shot.

Utilising my Advertising Photography and Family Portrait skills, I suggested we include the family who lives there, doing something they normally do in their own kitchen. It was over 7 months in the planning, what with waiting for a sofa, then the pandemic, then a birthday, then a holiday, followed by quarantine and a boiler break down. The father of the house even broke his neck in Majorca! I wanted good weather, so the shoot was put back by a day. Eventually, it all came together, and, as well as the 'standard' images from several viewpoints, they also enjoyed baking cookies. They were scrumptious, too!

I brought my studio lighting with pale amber gels to supplement the daylight. I even brought a fake branch to cast believable shadows over the lovely seamless Corian worktop/table. We finished with a nice portrait of the father and his daughter with their delicious cookies proudly displayed.

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