Hi ian,
Hope you are ok. Thank you for your hard work on our shoot. I have just arrived back from China today and will be checking the final layout of our brochure on mon which Laura has been working on all week. I can't wait to see it.

I thought the outdoor images were amazing, you and the models totally understood the look I wanted and I adore these shots! I think they look really fresh, dynamic and edgy. I also think the indoor shots are great. We got through so many shots I can't believe how much we did! I loved them all. Previously I have always felt the indoor shots become a bit monotonous and rely heavily on styling to give them interest but not this year!

I really enjoyed the shoot this year it was a great team effort and fun. Thanks for your hard work Ian it was very much appreciated and I look forward to putting a copy of our brochure in the post for you!
See you next year!!


The results were extremely good and gave us exactly the look we were seeking.  I can assure you that I will be coming back to use you for any further photography work that I need for both Myers Lister Price as well as for other clients.  In addition the designers, Studio North were very impressed - and they see a lot of photographs believe me!

Michelle Cohen

Many thanks for all the images and doing such a great job. It was a much better experience than I imagined. I shall recommend you to my friends.

Will be in touch with spec for corporate job, in next few days I hope.

Nicky Owen

Yes, I got them... They look great! I really like them, you did exactly what I asked for (and more). Thanks! …I will certainly call you for any future jobs in the Manchester area.

Gretchen Kirchner | Art Director
Imagination Publishing
Chicago, IL 60614 USA


They are fantastic.  You have every reason to be very proud!! 

Best regards
Bott and Co , Solicitors

"Thanks for doing such a great job (again!) I enjoyed shooting digitally and I am impressed with the results".

Giles Mosely
Deputy Creative director
Dig For fire

"The Pre-Wedding shoot was exceptional, original and I haven't seen anything like it since. Ian made us feel very natural and relaxed which was reflected in some outstanding and natural looking shots. We basically didn't know he was there. Certain frames were so good we had them blown up to hang proudly on the living room wall for all to see. Highly recommended."

Hi Ian,

Many thanks for the rapid responses to my email, Shirley will be really delighted to learn your news. Currently she is out at her choir, but I doubt if she will retire before she's viewed your work several times over when she returns. I am honour bound that, should you tell me that the wedding is now on the website, I will not even take a quick peek until she has returned!

Regarding your request, if you wish to use any comments received from us, then please feel free to do so, at any time. We are already indebted to your photographic skills and we are great believers in putting words on paper when we have experienced excellence.

The results you produced with Andrew and Ruth on their Kettlewell trip were, for us, stunning; consequently Shirley was desperate to see your wedding pictures. You showed us Ruth in a manner we had never even seen her in before. It is quite an experience to realise just how photogenic your daughter is; even if you're a keen amateur photographer. You sometimes don't see the wood for the trees, especially in my case where I am happy photographing anything but people! Landscapes are fine, but on a photographic cruise holiday I found out that the portrait aspect of photography was too intrusive for me.

We'll certainly get back to you once we have viewed the wedding photographs. Currently we are under sedation having just had an email from Ruth and Andrew telling us they have just completed bungee jumps from a bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand!  Wonder if the organisers of that event have a camera at the nadir of the rope?

(Father of the Bride)

Dear Ian,

Thanks for your last email. I'd just settled down for a nice quiet evening when I read it regarding the wedding photographs being on the web. Shirley returned from her choir around 21.15 hours and, to misquote the old Sam Cooke song, we were "clicking (not twisting) the night away".

Even 24 hours later, and we have been out all day, we are still overwhelmed by both the number and the quality of what you have produced. We definitely need considerably more time to appreciate the scale and scope of the photographs. How anyone is going to make a selection from such a range we just don't know. Do you recall the mythological problem King Midas had when everything he touched turned to gold? This dilemma is equally as hard, believe us!

Just to let you know that karl and I finally were able to watch the DVD of our engagement shoot pictures on Saturday on my brothers laptop, with my mum and dad and what can I say, except that we were thrilled with the pictures. Karl and I both were extremely impressed with your shots and are really looking forward to seeing the pics you do for our wedding.

Hope you received the new mag ok and we are looking forward to seeing you again on our big day.

See you on the big day!

Kind regards Gemma Bissex
Senior Designer - Cosmo Bride


We are more than happy with the album it exceeds all of our expectations in every way. Thank you for all your hard work and help since we first met earlier in the year. We will certainly keep an eye on your website when we are in NZ to see what ventures you are up to and we would certainly be keen to meet up with you should you ever take a trip to the beautiful islands.

Take care and thanks again,


Andrew and Ruth returned to the UK for a visit with their two lovely children. I was pleased to be able to photograph them as a family whilst they were here.

"...We felt very lucky to have such a fantastic photographer who not only made us feel at ease but produced such gorgeous, romantic pictures for us to treasure forever."

Karl and Gemma Burgess
Gemma was the Senior Designer with Cosmopolitan Bride Magazine.

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