Hi ian,
Hope you are ok. Thank you for your hard work on our shoot. I have just arrived back from China today and will be checking the final layout of our brochure on mon which Laura has been working on all week. I can't wait to see it.

I thought the outdoor images were amazing, you and the models totally understood the look I wanted and I adore these shots! I think they look really fresh, dynamic and edgy. I also think the indoor shots are great. We got through so many shots I can't believe how much we did! I loved them all. Previously I have always felt the indoor shots become a bit monotonous and rely heavily on styling to give them interest but not this year!

I really enjoyed the shoot this year it was a great team effort and fun. Thanks for your hard work Ian it was very much appreciated and I look forward to putting a copy of our brochure in the post for you!
See you next year!!


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