Hi Ian,

Many thanks for the rapid responses to my email, Shirley will be really delighted to learn your news. Currently she is out at her choir, but I doubt if she will retire before she's viewed your work several times over when she returns. I am honour bound that, should you tell me that the wedding is now on the website, I will not even take a quick peek until she has returned!

Regarding your request, if you wish to use any comments received from us, then please feel free to do so, at any time. We are already indebted to your photographic skills and we are great believers in putting words on paper when we have experienced excellence.

The results you produced with Andrew and Ruth on their Kettlewell trip were, for us, stunning; consequently Shirley was desperate to see your wedding pictures. You showed us Ruth in a manner we had never even seen her in before. It is quite an experience to realise just how photogenic your daughter is; even if you're a keen amateur photographer. You sometimes don't see the wood for the trees, especially in my case where I am happy photographing anything but people! Landscapes are fine, but on a photographic cruise holiday I found out that the portrait aspect of photography was too intrusive for me.

We'll certainly get back to you once we have viewed the wedding photographs. Currently we are under sedation having just had an email from Ruth and Andrew telling us they have just completed bungee jumps from a bridge in Queenstown, New Zealand!  Wonder if the organisers of that event have a camera at the nadir of the rope?

(Father of the Bride)

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