Dear Ian

We have watched the disc you made for us lots of times now with the music turned up very loud. It is fantastic and it brings back the event more fully that I can even remember it and I am sure it will do so in years to come.

It had us all laughing and brought a few tears to my eyes as well. Not at that terrible picture when I am cutting the cake either. I will have to get used to the fact that I am getting older and I can’t look like Elvis on photos any more. Steph says I never could! Cheek!

Seriously, it definitely invokes genuine emotion. The way you have captured some of the smiles they are infectious even on the screen. I would like to give copies of the disc to some of the people who were there so would like to order 25 discs please.

I would also like a few prints but the ladies are dallying over the decisions so we should have a result on that over the next few days.

Thanks again and long may your have a ministry of spreading joy continue.

Kind regards
Rob Channings

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